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Attorney General's Office Demands Retailers to Remove Their Store-Brand Herbal Supplements.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last week, the New York State Attorney General’s office demanded four major retailers take their store-brand herbal supplements off store shelves.  The herbal supplements are costly, not proven to be effective, and potentially harmful.  These supplements are not regulated by the government at the same level as prescription drugs.

The Attorney General noted that the selling of these products was fraudulent and potentially dangerous. The amount of active ingredient was not consistent from bottle to bottle. They even found that four out of five bottles did not have any of the herbs listed on the label.
This report sheds light on the importance of clinical research with corresponding oversight from the FDA. It is through clinical research that medications are deemed safe and effective. Clinical research determines the optimal dose of medication. Medications developed through clinical research studies are highly regulated. The amount of active ingredient on the medication label is the exact amount found in the medication.

This investigation again proves the importance of clinical trials. The altruistic people who volunteer to be a part of research are essential.
Without study participants, there would be no medications
Thanks to all the study volunteers. In my eyes you are all Medical Heroes.

- Matt Wenker MD

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