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Urgent Care Centers:

Sterling Research maintains a unique collaboration with a group of urgent care centers conducting more than 180,000 patient visits/year. These centers are an excellent recruitment source for "acute" trials such as those for acute infections, sprains and strain injuries. A computerized database at the urgent care centers allows us accurate estimates of patient visits per month for particular disorders.

Large Database:

In 2007, Sterling Research began using Clinical Conductor™, a clinical trial management system (CTMS), allowing us to track virtually any aspect of the trial from the time our site was selected through close-out of the trial. This can include but is not limited to the effectiveness of advertisements; demographics of study population; numbers of potential participants with a specific diagnosis; taking specific medications and/or lab criteria; screen failure rates; time studies and much more.

Referral Network:

Sterling Research Group has an ongoing relationship with a number of family practitioners, internists and other specialists who participate as principal investigators or sub investigators. Specialties and sub-specialties are represented in our list of available physicians.

Full-time Patient Recruitment Department:

A major component of our enrollment success is our utilization of full-time dedicated recruitment specialists. Recognizing the critical importance of study timelines, our recruitment team is trained on each study protocol and focuses all of their efforts on pre-screening and identifying appropriate participants for each trial helping to keep screen failures to a minimum. It is our belief that RETENTION begins during the recruitment process which is often the participants 1st contact with us; and our recruitment team is dedicated to making that first experience a good one.
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Gout Increasingly Common Among Americans
Friday, September 8, 2017

Gout is a type of arthritis with both acute and chronic features. The problem is caused by too much uric acid in your blood stream. An acute flare occurs when the excess uric acid forms into crystals which deposit in a joint like your wrist, knee, ankle or most commonly the big toe.


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